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Monday, 21 May 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay was flaming brilliant!

Well. yesterday our small Devonian town had it's 5 minutes of fame when it played host to the Olympic torch. Actually it was more like 6 hours of fame, fun, and frolics!
We left our house half-an-hour before the flame was due, thinking we would be 4 of only a handful of people on the small road junction where we planned to watch it.
We could not have been more wrong! We came out of our road and heard the buzz of thousands of voices! I have never seen so many people congregated either side of the roads, in a snake-like pattern along the entire route. Do all these people really live in such a small corner of south Devon?!
We actually had a bird's eye view on a balcony overlooking the estuary - half our family went down to the roadside to get the 'on foot' atmosphere, and half stayed up on the balcony, getting a special mention from the commentary (that may have had something to do with our homemade Olympic bunting, flags and posters!) and a direct wave and grin from the torch bearer!
A memorable event full of atmosphere - thoroughly enjoyed it! Here are some highlights:

For those of us who don't live near an Olympic venue or, for various reasons, can't get to see any Olympic events, I think it was inspired to do the torch relay, to take the Olympic 'buzz' country-wide. It has certainly created an interest on my part, which otherwise may not have been there!
On to business news - Kind Designs is having a stall at the Crikey It's Vintage fair on Saturday 2 June - another patriotic weekend! It's going to be an amazing event, held at the Thistle Hotel, Exeter.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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