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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Apparently we're still in drought! Who are they kidding?! My run today was carried out through thick fog, drizzle and gale-force winds! Birds were literally taking off from the path and being whipped away in the opposite direction they intended by the blustery conditions! My usual 'markers' - ie once I get to the white house, I'll be halfway there, once I get to that amazing sea view, I'm on the home straight - were shrouded in mist, and it was hard to tell where I was!
The Olympic torch is passing through our town next week, which is very exciting - quite a momentous event. Apparently it's travelling on the bus too, which could be quite amusing - I thought they were non-smoking journeys with strictly no naked flames! But we will be flag-waving and cheering with the best of them!
Also exciting is picking up a vital piece of 'kit' for our new products tomorrow - then I can finally unveil them to you. I hope it's worth the wait! We think it will be, and it opens Kind Designs up to a whole new marketplace.
This was created yesterday (still in our old ancient tiny kitchen sadly) to lift the spirits on yet another mizzly day - it perked up 'cup of tea' time!

Kitchen update: Tiles are all up and looking fab - just awaiting their silver-grey grout.

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