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Monday, 26 March 2012

New products on the way!

Spring has most definately sprung in our corner of Devon - daffodils crowd the banks, and the beautifully delicate primroses are providing gorgeous carpets of colour.

We have been making the most of the weather, and planted our potatoes. We got quite a good crop last year - they are only in two large tubs in the garden, but we did get enough to enjoy them with butter, sea salt and black pepper - simple and tasty!
Kind Designs has booked a stall at the Crikey it's Vintage fair in Exeter on Saturday 2 June! We are very excited about featuring there - the event has a huge following and fantastic reputation, so we're thrilled! We are also in the final stages of producing new products for the event - 2 completely new lines, and one linked to the fingerplates! I will give them a grand unveiling on this very blog when they're ready for their premiere! They're just undergoing the final buffing and preening to make sure they're perfect in every way!
The Kind Designs family took another gorgeous coastal walk the other day - halfway round we stopped on the beach, delved into our bag and enjoyed a coffee and homemade chocolate cake - it's those times that you think life doesn't get much better! The view was amazing - take a look:

We also had a lovely traditional afternoon tea at a local garden centre on Mother's Day with three generations of our family:

Kitchen update: Granite worktops are in place (courtesy of 5 brawny men!), and it's looking fine. Tiling should start this week. Hubby has made a cute wine rack to fill a gap in the island - looking forward to filling that up!
I've started to think our existing and ancient kitchen knows its days are numbered - slowly but surely it is falling to pieces, realising that a newer (and, I have to admit it, sleeker!) model is going to take over the helm very soon. Another hinge has broken on a cupboard door - in fact, most of the doors are very precarious to open, and they are hanging on by a small bit of brittle plastic. Will it hang on for the final few weeks?