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Friday, 18 May 2012

Music festival hits the right note!

Last weekend we headed over to Dartmouth Music Festival and it turned into one of those lovely weekends where everything went right - gorgeous weather, brilliant atmosphere and happy family!
Here are a few highlights:

Have spoken to the web designer today and Kind Design's new products will be up and running on the site by the end of next week - it's very exciting! I took the final pictures yesterday, so it's all systems go.
Our town is looking very pristine and bedecked, awaiting the arrival of the Olympic torch on Sunday. I have never seen so many road sweepers out in force, people frantically hedge trimming and hanging bunting - it all looks amazing! Luckily it doesn't come right past our house, as our old Victorian railings wouldn't be up for scrutiny yet!
We will be flag-waving with the best of them, and turning it into a little party. I do however have one question - what happens if it rains? How does the flame stay alight? I know when I've tried to keep candles going in a shower (of the rain variety, not in the bathroom!), it is a no-go. I guess the Olympic flame will be a bit more technical though, and ready for any eventuality!
Kitchen update: tiles are grouted, and floor will be sealed for the final time this weekend.

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