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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Toasty tootsies!

Second Christmas market done -  big tick! And, quite frankly, a big pat on the back (using thermal padded gloves of course!) for braving the gale force winds and stormy conditions! We had everything thrown at us on Tuesday - strong gusts that threatened the fabric of our stall, cold rain and hailstones so fierce that we all stopped and stared - mostly because it was so loud we couldn't hold a conversation!
We arrived at lunchtime to set up, and were met by other stallholders turning on their tails and going home as conditions were just too bad. Mad as we are, we persevered and put the gazebo up, only for it to blow 3ft in seconds, even with 8kg weights on each leg! We looked around and other traders were just shaking their heads at us!
To cut a long story short, we managed, through a mixture of luck, good fortune and being in the right place at the right time, to get a plot undercover! How often does that happen? To say we were ecstatic would be the grossest understatement ever! Christmas had definitely come early for Kind Designs! So we didn't even have to check out the waterproof-ness of the new gazebo!

The night was busier than previously - the atmosphere was lovely, the Arctic-like conditions abated, and people were showing interest in our stall and I received many complimentary comments about the fingerplates. Our fingerplates are totally unique and you won't find them anywhere else - trust me, I've looked! They are different and certainly fill a gap in the market - quite literally on Tuesday! So we just need customers to think a little differently, and realise that you don't have to plump for the traditional brass or ceramic plates - ours go that little further and bring contemporary design into it, with vibrant colours and beautiful reflective surfaces. 
And the news gets better - I've found a pair of boots that keep my feet warm! I've only been searching for such an item for about 20 years! No chilblains this week! As long as I didn't stand still for too long, the tootsies were toasty! So doing a festive jig to accompany the carols playing was quite productive!

Kitchen update: slate floor is down and grouted. Tonight it's going to get its first coat of sealer - before the two adorable children rub unmentionable mess into it and stain it forever!

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