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Monday, 12 December 2011

Roll up, roll up!

Well, Kind Designs have done their first Christmas market! We braved the rain and wind to appear at Totnes Christmas Market, and we had a lovely site on the Market Square, right behind the stage where the Samba band and other entertainers were performing!
Setting up was an experience - when we arrived, as soon as the car doors opened, so did the heavens! So everything was put out on a soggy floor whilst we (I mean myself and my friend from the Barnfield Workshop) opened her new gazebo for the first time and tried to assemble it!
It turns out reading an instruction booklet in the rain, and trying to work out which pole was A, B and C wasn't the best idea! But up it went, and then up it nearly went again - this time being swept away by the strong winds! It was by pure luck, and the fact that we were hanging on to the corners, that it didn't take off gracefully across the Totnes skyline!
Weights in place, the gazebo decided to start falling apart at the highest point - hence a quick dash to find a stepladder and strong tape!
Finally we were all set up, stock in place, fairy lights up and candles lit and looking truly festive and 'grotto-like'.

Then the heavens opened again and we quickly discovered that it wasn't a waterproof gazebo! The roof started leaking quite dramatically, so even though we were 'inside' it felt like we were outside, as the raindrops fell onto our heads and drowned out our candles!
So all in all, it wasn't the best introduction to the life of festive markets! There were quite a few people about, but the inclement weather did dampen everyone's spirits I think. And I am the proud owner of two chilblains as a souvenir!!
The Kind Designs fingerplates were generating interest, and a lot of business cards were given out, with customers asking if I was going to return next week.
And I've just been told that more stormy wet weather has been forecast for this Tuesday - do I stay or do I go?

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