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Monday, 5 December 2011

Do I need a sheepskin coat like Del Boy?!

It's December! What do I need to get into the Christmas spirit?
Fairy lights - tick. Father Christmas - tick. Carols - tick. Musicians playing on the Bandstand - tick. Mulled wine- tick (or hick!).
As a family we were lucky enough to have all these this weekend during the spectacular Candlelit Dartmouth.

On Friday evening we shivered in the rain whilst the Christmas tree lights were switched on - plenty of lights - I am not a big fan of huge trees with only a few bulbs glistening. You have to go the whole hog and festoon the branches with hundreds of twinkling sparkles!

We then cheered the arrival of Santa by boat - not his traditional form of transport, but totally fitting in a naval town.
Saturday saw the lantern parade through the crowded streets, with handmade lanterns in all shapes and sizes, from ducks to ships. The naval theme continues!

The countdown to my first Christmas market has begun - 16 hours and counting as I type! With icy conditions predicted tomorrow, I've dug out my thermal everything and I spent all day wrapping fingerplates!
Here's our new display board - what do you think? The fairy lights do make the bevelled edges sparkle!

Here's hoping all the visitors are feeling in the 'present-buying' mood. Any profits I make I will instantly go and spend on other delightful stalls I expect!
We're at the front of the market square in Totnes, so please come and visit Kind Designs and the Barnfield Workshop. You'll find lots of Christmas goodies awaiting you!
I'll let you all know soon how it went - that's assuming I still have feeling in my fingers to type!

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