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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Devon design in the big smoke

That's another school holiday done and dusted. And we did manage to achieve at least some of the 'to do' things on the list in my last blog.
Actually, looking at the list again, we did most of it - fun days out (Eden Project and Crazy About Clay), fun days in, walks on the beach, a bit of baking (a big tick for the chocolate cake!) and a film afternoon.

Talking of chocolate, the Eden Project was again a roaring success - chocolate-themed activities (you can't go wrong) were on the menu, so we made chocolate bars, chocolate lollies, and completed a chocolate trail. Fed up with chocolate yet? Not on your nelly!

Our view on a cold but sunny walk:

We then took part in a pottery workshop at Crazy About Clay. Mary is patient and helpful with the children, and everyone got to try throwing on the pottery wheel, as well as letting their imagination run wild with the clay with no restrictions. All sorts of shapes and forms were created, although the request for a tractor and trailer tested my creativity to the max! I came away having learned about slip, texture and, strangely enough, beauty (the clay really does make your hands soft!) - an hour or two of fun with something to show at the end of it. Thoroughly recommended.
The good news is that Kind Designs fingerplates are now on display in the large showroom of a door furniture retail outlet in London. A little bit of Devon design in the big smoke!

More fingerplate news in the next post, including an update on our next fair adventure.

Kitchen update: one word - aaarrrrggghhhhh!!

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